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About Me

Hi, My name is Jonathan Franks.  I consider myself an artist at heart, but I'm actually a biologist by training. I've been fortunate enough to incorporate both science and art into my daily routine. My love for both the arts and sciences began at a young age. I have been an avid musician since childhood. I play the saxophone, teach lessons, and took countless art/design classes throughout the years. I attended Wheeling Jesuit University for my B.S. in Biology, and then Duquesne University for my Masters in Biology. Even though I chose the biology path in college and graduate school, I did not neglect my love for the arts. I stayed an active part of the music scene, involved in everything from the school pep-band to local bands. After graduate school, I was offered a job at a biological imaging facility where I use electron microscopes to take images of biological samples for research and publication. In recent years, I've continued to hone my artistic skills through a variety of design and photography projects, while my scientific imaging work has been featured in publications. In addition to my published works, I have also been named an honorable mention for the 2011 Nikon Small World competition. I'm very proud of my work, spanning both my career in the science field and the opportunities offered to me through Franko Productions. The reason I started this company is because I love being a photographer and digital designer specializing in graphic design, web design, event photography, and portrait photography.

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